Many companies are building a WordPress site to better reach their audience

4 Questions to Ask Before Building a WordPress Site

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The ability to interact with and manage customer perception provides great benefits to a business. Today, businesses use their websites to attract their audience using blogs and promotions to reach them where ever they are. Many businesses employ the use of WordPress to answer their website needs. A website establishes the company’s brand as customer’s familiarize themselves to your services. Blogs, videos, and promotions help bring customers into your site as great content in these mediums drive traffic to your site

Whether you decide to hire an individual or an agency for your WordPress site, you need to ask some questions to ensure that you are getting the bang for your buck.

Will the site have the functions that work for what I am trying to accomplish?

When building a WordPress site, it is important for you to know that you are able to maintain the site after it is finished. As the site administrator, you need to know where the information collected from contact forms reside. You need to make sure that the site will look good both on desktop and mobile devices. The site is supposed to attract people and allow for you to collect information to better target your audience. If the site is not doing that, you need to discuss that with the team doing it for you. Will I be able to import my content easily?

Themes help building WordPress sites easier.

Building WordPress Sites are made easier by using Themes.

There are themes available when building a WordPress site that developers can work around. These themes provide a “view live demo” function so that you can see what the website will look like and help you visualize your content. If you have content from an older site that you want to transfer over, it is possible to do that using premium themes. You’ll save time on writing content and have a better direction for the site for branding!

Will there be any add-on costs?

No one likes surprises that cost money. When building a WordPress site using a theme, there are some features that are already part of that package and some that are extra. Whether it is a premium theme (paid) or free, ask them if the feature you want is part of the quote or it if will require you more money for it to be developed. In this way, you can make that decision if the feature is a must or if you can create a more cost-effective solution.

After building a WordPress site, will I have support?

The great thing about building a WordPress site is the community of users that provide great feedback about its services. Choose themes that are higher ranked and have many reviews. If the site is being handed off to you for maintenance, you will want to know where to get support for any issues that may arise in the future. Letting you know where to get support is a sign of a good developer or agency. The community takes care of each other.

A website is a valuable marketing and customer retention tool to use. WordPress has made it possible for even those that do not know how to code to create sites that allow for them to reach a wide audience. We’re excited to hear about your site building experiences here at Tractus and offer our services to help you grow your business. Contact us here if you have any questions about building WordPress site and we will be happy to help any time!

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