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4 Outdated SEO Practices to Avoid

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Ignoring SEO is a cardinal sin of online marketing. A lesser transgression is making the wrong decisions for your SEO. With the ever-expanding, ever-changing online frontier, like everything else, SEO is not static. Keeping up with what works and what doesn’t is not simply important, it is fundamental. Here are some tips on what doesn’t work.

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1. Exclusive Focus on Links and Content

While links and content used to be primary in SEO, their place has been somewhat diminished by the centrality of social popularity. Your content, and number of links are important, but you need a high volumes of eyes if you’re going to get a high volume of clicks.

2. Building Pages Purely to Build Traffic

The old practice of building extra pages packed with search terms in the titles and content, for no other reason but to drive traffic, does not work. If the quality of the content is lacking, the quantity will serve no purpose. Pages’ primary purposes should be the content. The clicks will come if other SEO practices are followed, pages built purely for clicks will produce weak results.

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3. Focusing on Keyword Rich Text

Precisely matching search terms used to be important to bring up your ranking. Today, Google focuses on latent semantic indexing rather than precise keyword matching. compose and publish the content, make it high quality, and on topic, but do not stress about word-for-word keyword matching.

4. Neglecting the Inclusion of Images

In the past, images were not necessarily important for your SEO. Today, on-page SEO is so important that excluding images can be a deadly mistake. The tricks that made images less necessary in the past will no longer overcome the difficulties. Although it might be a headache to go to the trouble, use images. Take advantage of all of your tools.

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There are even more great tips on SEO mistakes to avoid. If you’re not sure where to start, or where to go next with your SEO, or other online activity, contact us today. We can help with design, content, marketing, functionality, maintenance, or just about anything else your business might need. We offer free consultation and quotes, and are are ready to help you take the next step in improving your online and electronic presence.

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