website design techniques to consider for your business

3 Website Design Trends To Look Out For

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Website design has trends just like fashion that changes from season to season. Businesses are constantly updating their site to keep up with the newest trends so they don’t look dated. Below are a few of the hottest web trends that we expect to see this year that you should consider in order to help your business stay relevant.

3 website design trends to consider

Bold Type

In website design, we are seeing bold typography become prominent on many websites. The bold typeface is used with a minimal and clean design to make a statement. Often times the bold type is a greeting or a call to action, and the boldness of the text makes it easy to get the message across. Many big brands are using this style of design.


Many businesses are incorporating GIFs into their website design in efforts to animate their site and make it interactive. Many companies are using full-screen loops that draw the user in and grab their attention. Overlaying text on GIFs is a great way to get your message across as it automatically draws the eye.

Layers and Color In Your Website Design

To give your website that 3D effect, consider adding bright colors and stacked layers to achieve depth. Staggering different shapes of all sorts of sizes and colors will give your website that visual appeal that will keep your users on your page for longer. You can also implement a “roll over” effect where images and text populate when you roll your cursor over them. This will make your website all the more interactive.

website design updates you should consider for your site

Trends with website design change with the seasons, and it’s important to stay up to date so your website remains relevant. Want to learn more about our web development services that we can offer your business? Click here. Want to learn more about websites? Click here

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