3 Ways to Use Pokemon Go with Your Business

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You’ve probably seen the people walking up and down the streets use Pokemon Go. This new game released last week has become such a hit that people are making it a point to walk around and spend time outside storefronts. Many landmarks and businesses are being used as PokeStops and Gyms. These are places that the players frequent and spend time at when they go to catch Pokemon.

For businesses that just happen to be a PokeStop, there are three ways to use Pokemon Go to drum up some business for your site. Here’s how to get on board with the game and make some money.


Use Pokemon Go Lures

A coffee shop in Salt Lake City use Pokemon Go Lures to attract customers during the slow times to of the day. A Lure attracts Pokemon to a PokeStop for 30 minutes, according to the game. Other people around the PokeStop can also benefit from the effect. This is a great way to bring people in and have they sit and stay. For this coffee shop, it brought in new customers that are more than happy to buy a couple of drinks for the chance to have the Pokemons come to them.


Is your company as PokeStop? Use that status to gain more business!

Achieve this status and you can get a regular stream of new people. You can use Pokemon Go players as ambassadors, too, since they all like to tell other players where the Pokemon are plenty.

Host a Game Night

Gain some visibility by hosting a game night and connect it with the game. You can use 10-15 minutes to introduce your business and what you do to the people that attend. That is enough time for them to spin the PokeStop to get some PokeBalls and other game objects several times. The customers will stay for the game night, get to know your company, and you can collect some street cred for being a cool and hip business.



Attract players to your store and gain new customers that use Pokemon Go.

You can also charge people for using your location as part of the game. It need not be money that your company charges, but you can collect email addresses, have them take pictures and post it on social media, or even fill out a survey. This gives you some great interaction with future customers.

You can ride the Pokemon wave and allow people who may not know your business learn more about what you do. By participating in the game, even in these small means, you are letting the community know that you are one with them. It can even open doors to new clients, viral social media moments, and some good karma for you.

With the game only being out for a week and the mad rush of participates, everyone is bound to see it affect their business one way or another. You can choose to be a part of something that the community enjoys or bah-humbug your way during this time. Here at Tractus, we know that a successful business is strengthened by a successful community. Contact us here if you want to battle in our gym, or if you have any questions regarding services we offer to businesses like yours.


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