3 Ways to Improve Your Content Creation

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Without quality content, your web presence may look good, but it will be hollow. The aesthetics of web design, and functionality of your applications are certainly essential, but if you do not have engaging content then it will not matter. The wrapper of the candy bar may look good, but if the candy doesn’t taste good, then no one will buy it. Here are three ways to improve your content creation efforts today.

ways to improve your content

1. Establish your voice

There are many tactics you can take in your content creation, which you pick is less important than that you pick an overall tactic and message, and stick to it. As a marketer, you understand the importance of visual branding, do not neglect your content branding. When people see a post, video, infographic, or other content from your company, they should know it even before they see the source of the content. Old Spice is an excellent example of this. Any time a piece of marketing from Old Spice shows up, it is easy to see who made it. The voice behind your content is essential to making the content engaging.

2. Post early, post often

No matter how good your content is, it will never be good enough to negate the need for more. Online consumers are hungry for content at all times. If you post a funny, viral video today, and nothing for 2 more weeks, don’t be surprised when you lose clicks when you finally post again. Plan ahead: compose content and schedule a steady stream to be released on a weekly, daily, or multi-daily basis. Even if the post is not brilliant, groundbreaking, or viral, at least put something of some substance out to keep your customer base engaged consistently, and actively.

3. Learn from others

There are many excellent examples of companies who understand, and effectively utilize their online tools. Find the brands and companies that you love, and think about why. There are many reasons a company compels us (besides its actual products and services), learning what these reasons are can be a game changer for your marketing efforts. Think about the company you love, and consider what you can learn from their content creation. Don’t copy anyone, be original! But don’t let the lessons of other talented marketers pass you by.

Content creation is constantly increasing in importance in the online marketing landscape. To further improve your company’s content creation, check out Top User Generated Content Marketing Examples, learn more about why Making High-Quality Content should be your priority or why Video Content Marketing is your key to success. Whether it be marketing, design, or content creation, we can help you improve today. Contact us to get a free bid and consultation for your particular needs. 

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