The importance of word of mouth marketing for your business

3 Reasons Why Word Of Mouth Marketing is Important

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Word of mouth marketing is probably one of the most important forms of advertising a business can have because it builds loyalty, trust and it is effective. Whether a customer of yours refers a friend or family member to you, or someone leaves you a positive review online about their experience, these are endorsements that will ultimately result in an increase in revenue for your business.

A key strategy when it comes to prompting word of mouth marketing for your business


Word of mouth marketing builds brand loyalty. If someone is referred to a business by a family or friend, they’re statistically more likely to stay loyal to that brand, rather than one that they were advertised. A recent study shows that 18% of consumers that were recommended a product were more likely to remain loyal to that brand long term.

Generate Buzz

Word of mouth marketing will spark the conversation about your brand and help keep you top of mind. Whether someone leaves you a Yelp review, or engages with you in some way on social media, their friends are more than likely going to see it, and become interested in whatever message your business is trying to portray. Of course the conversation has to be positive for it to be effective, but you definitely want people to be talking about you.

How Word of Mouth Marketing Works

Word of mouth marketing is organic, but you can also prompt the conversation in a few different ways. One way would be asking your customers to leave an honest review about you online, which will help generate that online buzz that we previously discussed. Another way would be simply asking your customers about their experience, and sharing it via your brand’s social media channels as a testimonial for endorsement purposes. At the end of the day, you can brag about your business all you want, but humanizing your brand is ultimately what will win your audience over.

3 tips for word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing is an effective strategy and it is one of the main reasons that businesses succeed today. Want to learn more about marketing do’s and don’ts? Click here. Want us to come up with an effective digital strategy to help your business succeed? Contact us.

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