3 tips on why instagram may be beneficial to your business

3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Instagram

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Ever considered Instagram in your social media marketing strategy? This may be a very beneficial tool for your business, and should be taken into consideration. Below are three reasons as to why this platform may be a powerful tool to incorporate into your marketing plan.

why instagram may boost business

Everyone Is On Instagram

Well, maybe not everyone, but this mobile app has got a ton of users, and users that may be a part of your target audience. In a recent survey, over half of young adults ages 18-29 located in the U.S. are using the platform. If your business finds itself marketing to young adults, this may be the best platform for you to get your message across. In fact, adult users have doubled on this platform since 2012, and the numbers just keep on rising.

Paid Social

Instagram now offers the ability to run paid campaigns, just like Facebook. After being acquired by Facebook, you can now run paid campaigns on both platforms concurrently through the ads manager. The best part about paid social are the analytics you get in terms of the number of people you’ve reached, allowing you to measure the success of your campaign in real time. Want to learn more about paid social? Click here.

Users Have Money

In a recent study, over half of Instagram users make $50,000 or more annually. The stipulation that the everyday user is a high school student living with their parents or broke college student exists no longer. With this kind of income, users have a disposable income, thus making it a great platform to advertise and market your products on. To prove this point even further, over a quarter of users make over $75,000 annually, meaning they have that extra buck to spend at your high end restaurant, clothing store or attraction.

why instagram is vital in social media marketing campaigns

Instagram is an effective tool when it comes to social media marketing strategies, especially if you’re trying to target young adults with a disposable income. Want to learn more about what we can do for you in terms of managing your social media marketing campaigns? Click here

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