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3 Of The Latest Instagram Trends Out There

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Keeping up with the Kardashian’s is almost as impossible as keeping up with the latest social media trends, especially when it comes to Instagram. This photo-oriented app is consistently adapting and evolving like no other, and its largest demographic ages 18-29 (55% of this age group uses the app) are keeping up with the trends. Below are a few popular emerging trends for the year of 2017.

instagram trends for 2017

Instagram Tapping In Stories

Instagram stories are a fairly new feature that allow users to promote quick and in the moment content that disappear after a certain amount of time. Many people are using stories to combine images with the “tapping” function of the app to animate static images. Marketeers are getting very creative with stories as it’s not all about just posting a quick video clip anymore.

Slideshow Posts

Instagram now allows for its users to post multiple photos in one post with a scroll feature also known as a carrousel post. One thing users are doing with this feature is posting two similar photos with one minor difference, giving viewers a GIF like effect when swiping between those images. Slideshow posts are also being taken advantage of by brands that want to showcase multiple similar products within one post without having to create separate ones.

User Generated Content

Many businesses are using user generated content in their e-mail marketing campaigns, specifically photos pulled from Instagram. 76% of millennials believe that user generated content is more trustworthy than branded advertising as it makes brands feel more approachable. By including tagged user photos in your e-mail marketing campaigns (with permission of the user, of course) you will be able to form a better connection with your audience.

instagram tips and trends in the social media marketing world

Instagram is a platform that is quickly adapting, evolving and changing, especially since being acquired by Facebook. Want to learn more about what we offer in terms of social media marketing services? Click here. Want to learn more about social media marketing tips for businesses? Click here

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