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3 Ideas For Your New Year’s Email Marketing

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A new year means new ways to market your products to your customers. With a custom tailored email marketing campaign, you’ll be able to market to your consumers in a fun and unique way. Below are a few ideas that you can implement into your 2018 e-marketing to remain fresh and relevant.

email marketing techniques for 2018

Implement A $20.18 Discount

One email marketing strategy that is fun and unique is implementing a 2018 themed discount. We are flooded with emails come January 1st with companies trying to take advantage of the holidays. By implementing a fun and unique themed e-marketing campaign, you’ll be able to make your audience more receptive to your message.

Send Out A Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

By sending out a custom holiday e-card addressed to the recipient’s name, you’ll be able to give that personalized touch to your message. e-Cards shouldn’t be promotional at all, more so just a message of good wishes in the new year. This will stand out in the recipient’s inbox of usual promotional messaging and give your brand a sense of personalization.

Huge New Year Sale

When the holiday shopping is done, businesses must look for a way to keep the momentum going. This is usually achieved by implementing a substantial flash sale right after the holidays. By creating an email marketing campaign with a storewide sale of 15% off as the subject, you’ll be able to catch people’s eyes and increase your open rates.

3 tips for holiday email marketing

The new year is a time to market in new ways, and email marketing makes it all possible to do so immediately. Follow the above tips and you will be able to create a successful new year’s campaign. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you in terms of building your e-marketing campaign. Want to learn¬† more about holiday email strategies? Click here.¬†

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