3 tips for using Google Analytics

3 Cool Features With Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a great tool to measure your web traffic and understand your demographic a bit better. The analytics are free to use and are constantly updating their features to help businesses create a strategy. Below are just a few of the cool features Google has implemented that may help you further your business.

how Google Analytics can help increase your business

Google Analytics and Visitors

Google has allowed its users to dig deeper in terms of determining where web traffic is coming from. You can look under your visitors menu to see what regions of the world are visiting your page the most. This is extremely helpful when implementing targeted advertising campaigns, especially on social media, as you’ll be able to know where in the world your audience is located.

Find Out What Works

Google Analytics will help you uncover your best content by unveiling the average time spent on a given page. Maybe last week’s blog post kept your users on that page for the longest, which will then give you insight on curating future blog posts. Maybe your new interactive chat widget is helping keep people on the home page longer. By viewing your pages analytics, you’ll be able to learn all of this information a bit easier.

Mobile Visitors

With the shift to mobile, everyone is surfing the web from their smartphones while on the go. If you don’t have a mobile friendly site and want to know if it’s worth investing in one, just go to your visitors menu in Google Analytics and view the percentage of total visitors that visited your website on a mobile device. What’s that? Time to invest in a mobile site, eh?

3 features that come with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool for business owners looking to better understand their audience and create a digital advertising strategy that will work. Need help developing a mobile site to keep up with your audience? Click here. Want to learn more about websites and online marketing? Click here

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