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Learn These Marketable Skills for Your Business

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It is always wise to add new talent in the skills section of your resume. Whether you are a business owner, or an employee, you should learn marketable skills that will get you ahead in the game. These skills will help you stay afloat in the ever changing technology and business landscape. You don’t need to learn all of them at once, but becoming proficient in them can surely help!

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The Top Skills Right Now

Tech seems to be the way of the world. Everything that we do nowadays has to do with using the latest and greatest technology. Digg.com recommends five skills to get more notices from companies on LinkedIn. According to them, skills in project management, content creation (Photoshop and the likes), digital marketing, programming, and data analytics are the five skills to have in 2017.

For skills like data analytics, employers need their employees to be able to manage and organize data. This lets people understand all this raw data and what this could mean for the company, according to LinkedIn. Learning how to code is great for building apps, websites, and creating solutions that companies need.

learn marketable skills featured

Where to Learn Marketable Skills

You’re probably asking, will I need to go back to college and get a degree to get these skills? The answer is no. At this point, you probably have a couple of years under your belt and great soft skills that any company would want. Or, you are in a company and they want you to learn that skill because it will help them tremendously. Even companies are looking for ways to get these talent in house.

Mentors and tutors may be the way to go for some. Meetups, user groups, and local tutors are available to help in many subject areas that these skills fall in. These can be low key and work with your pace on learning. You can also go online and search for free courses on any of the five skills listed about. If you really want to dive in and learn hands on, bootcamps are the way to go. Most bootcamps are project-based giving you the opportunity to learn and apply the concepts you learn in the course.

Tractus Online can help provide you with the services you need to help your business grow. From web development to marketing, we can ensure that you are on top of your game. These skills mentioned are great to have as it will better help you understand what your business will need to grow. We love it when our clients know exactly what they want and when they can back it up with what they know. It is the perfect recipe for the perfect year! Contact us for your 2017 needs!

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