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Instagram Highlights Are On The Rise

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Instagram stories are a thing of the past, but highlights are a new feature that are starting to trend. With highlights, you can save a story and pin it on your profile, so it is viewable to whoever visits your page. This is a way for users to save a story that they don’t want to disappear after 24 hours. Below we look into some of the trends that come with the new highlights feature.

One new feature with the new Instagram story feature

Categorizing Highlights

One big trend we are seeing with Instagram highlights is that brands and people are categorizing them. This means that they are compiling common stories into one, with a cover photo describing what they’re about. For example, a lifestyle blogger might compile all of his/her fashion posts into one highlight, and title it “fashion”, making it easier for their viewers to find what they’re looking for.

Designing Highlight Covers

If you go to the story feature, there’s now a “type” option where you can create text with different fonts and colored backgrounds. Many people are typing their cover photo out, saving it and using it as a way to categorize their compiled highlight. For example, if you wanted to create a cover photo for your vacations highlight compilation, all you have to do is use the type feature and type “vacations”, save it, and make it the cover image for that compiled story.

Instagram Highlights and Business

Highlights are a great way for businesses to market as it is usually the first thing people see when visiting your page. E-commerce stores can create a “new products” highlight or “clearance” highlight to feature new or on sale items to drive sales. Magazines can promote their latest issue or single articles using the highlight feature, and even offer a “swipe up for more” call to action with the link embedded in the image. There are many ways to use the highlight feature, and businesses are finding new ways to get creative with it everyday.

Tips when it comes to using the new Instagram story highlight feature

Instagram highlights are a new way for bloggers to feature products, businesses to drive sales and for people just to pin and save their favorite life moments. The story feature seems to keep evolving, and people are finding new and creative ways to use it. To read more about the latest Instagram features, click here. To learn about what we can do for you in terms of building a social media marketing strategy for your business, click here.

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