3 strategies when it comes to online reputation management

Best Practices for online Reputation Management

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Reputation is everything in the online world, especially with the many review-based platforms out there. It is important to keep up with the online conversation pertaining to your brand, especially when something negative arises. Below are a few helpful tips to ensure you are employing a good online reputation management strategy.

The importance of online reputation management

Keep Up With Reviews

It is important to keep up with reviews about your business across all channels. It is in good practice to respond to a review within 24 hours to uphold a sense of attentiveness associated with your brand. In fact, Yelp claims that 33% of reviewers will be inclined to upgrade their review if responded to within 24 hours. Since there are a lot of platforms to keep up with, it is a good idea to utilize a reputation management software that will compile all of your reviews into a single dashboard for you, helping you keep up with everything.

Attempt to Fix the Negative

No matter how difficult that customer was to deal with, it is important to always attempt to fix the issue at hand. Give the reviewer a way to directly contact you, whether that be by phone or e-mail, in efforts to have them update their review. Follow up your comments with a direct message, so the reviewer has a way to elaborate on the situation within a private forum if they wish to do so. It is important to always remain professional when responding to negative reviews, no matter how hard that may be sometimes.

Online Reputation Management Helps Gain Insight

Negative reviews should be looked at as constructive criticism, helping you gain insight on the necessary changes you need to make to avoid these issues in the future. Maybe you need to have further training with your staff, or improve the quality of a specific product or dish. Reviews should be analyzed in terms of what your audience is trying to tell you as a whole in order to better improve your business in the future.

3 tips pertaining to online reputation management

Online reputation management can be a full time job, but it is vital when it comes to best business practices. If you want to learn more about why online reputation management is important, click here. If you want to learn more about what we offer when it comes to online services for your business, click here.

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