4 things you may not have known about woocommerce

4 Things You Didn’t Know About WooCommerce

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What is WooCommerce you may ask? It is a WordPress plugin for businesses that do transactions via the online marketplace. It has a payment engine, making online transactions seamless, and also professional on the purchasing end. Below are four things you may not know about this plugin and what it can do for your business.

how woocommerce can help your business

WooCommerce Is Great For Online Bookings

Are you searching for a platform that allows customers to book services or accommodations online with the simple click of a button? For businesses like spa/salons and hotels, this is a great plugin to use as guests can check availability via an online calendar overview, and then simply select the dates/times they would like to book services and or accommodations. No more going old school by having customers call your business’ reception to check availability, simply have it available to view on your website.

Online Subscriptions

Does your business offer a monthly subscription to things such as a newsletter, a monthly beauty box or prepped meals delivered to your consumer’s door? WooCommerce is able to accept online subscriptions with recurring payments, so you can save yourself the hassle of having to manually bill your customers with each monthly transaction. Consumers can even cancel their subscriptions, which will then automatically cancel payment in your online store.


With WooCommerce, you can connect your online store to Facebook. This allows you to showcase your products on Facebook, and consistently update your followers with your new products and services. The great thing about this is you can even further your targeted reach with paid social media, directing even more traffic to your online store. When you update your products in your online store, the plugin will sync them to Facebook, ensuring the products on your social media are up to date.

woocommerce and the online marketplace

Job Listings

You heard us right, with WooCommerce you can make the hiring process that much easier for your business. In conjunction with the WordPress Job Manager plugin, you can seek the right candidate for your business. There is also a paid extension to the plugin that allows you to sell job posting for third party recruiters such as Indeed or Monster that may be looking for specific candidates.

WooCommerce is an extremely useful plugin for businesses with an online presence, especially those that are selling goods and or services online. To learn more about having your website designed with all the right plugins to go along with it, click here. Want to read more about this great plugin? Click here

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