3 new trends in social media marketing

3 Upcoming Social Media Marketing Trends

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Social media marketing is consistently changing with the further development of technology and software. Social media platforms are constantly implementing updates that are changing everything from their look and feel to their functionality and usability. Below are a few up and coming social media marketing trends that are being implemented by top platforms worldwide. 

3 new social media marketing updates


Instagram, photo oriented social media platform, recently announced that it would begin allowing its users to thread multiple conversations under a single post. This feature is expected to come with the next update, and is much anticipated because it will clean up clutter in post’s comment sections. Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, many of its features were implemented such as this one.


LinkedIn, business networking social media platform, recently announced that it would roll out a video creation feature imbedded within its mobile app. This feature will give users the ability to immediately share, edit and create footage on the go, much like Snapchat and Instagram’s new story feature. For now, the feature is only available to frequent users at the moment, but will become available to the general public shortly. LinkedIn is making many innovative moves in efforts to stay relevant in today’s social media world.

Facebook, King of Social Media Marketing

Facebook, one of the original social media marketing platforms that still remains relevant today, recently rolled out a new celebration tool to help make celebrating special days even more special. Now you’re able to select a nonprofit to have funds donated to on your behalf on your birthday via your Facebook friends. There’s also a new video option that has been implemented in the celebration tool that allow users to even further personalize their happy birthday messages.

Social media marketing is an ever-changing industry with a large amount of platforms to toggle between. The reality is, sometimes it’s tough to keep up with the trends and changes implemented by the various companies that exist. Let us do the hard work for you by contacting us and seeing what we can do to assist with your social campaigns. The above are just a few updates and trends implemented by major companies worldwide. Click here for even more social media updates to keep an eye out for. 

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