5 tips for email marketing

Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

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Many businesses wonder if email marketing is right for them. With a plethora of ways to market today, digital marketing is still one of the most effective ways to capture a given target audience. Read the reasons below to get a better understanding as to why digital marketing, specifically email marketing, is so effective and how it can help market your business. 

5 strategies for email marketing

Email Marketing Can Be Personalized and Conversational

Since email is a method of communication, marketing via email should remain conversational and fun like social media in order to capture your target audience. Think of a clever subject to grab your readers attention, and add graphics and different fonts to give the marketing piece some character. Add links to related marketing materials or videos in your email in order to maximize traffic and keep your audience engaged.

It’s Affordable

Digital marketing is generally a more affordable way to advertise. Compared to purchasing advertising space on a billboard, or running a print or digital banner ad campaign, creating a digital marketing campaign via email costs virtually nothing in comparison. The biggest cost associated with digital marketing is having the piece designed, or the subscription that goes along with marketing services that give you the tools to do so yourself.

You Can Easily Measure Its Success

Email marketing can be directly measured in terms of a given campaign’s success. Once a campaign is launched, you’re able to see how many people actually viewed that email with given open rates. Many services will allow you to re-send to non respondents, and also allow you to measure click through rates and conversions when applicable.

You Will Reach Your Audience

The professional world is becoming more email centric everyday. With the advancement of technology, people are constantly connected by receiving email notifications via their smartphone throughout the day. Want to reach your target audience about a promotion going on at your restaurant? Send an e-blast mid-day, chances are your target audience is on their lunch break and will be more receptive to your message being that you’re top of mind. You can optimize viewership by sending emails out at times that make the most sense for your target demographic.

You Can Create The Tone For Your Brand

By engaging with your audience via email, you can set the tone for your brand by personalizing your message. By sounding conversational instead of over promotional, people will associate a tone with your brand and this will ultimately be the feel that people get from your advertisements and branding messages. Incorporate current events and holidays in your pieces. If you’re going to say something, make it seem newsworthy. Chances are, your audience will listen and become receptive to your newsletters.

Email marketing is a vital tool for businesses to utilize in efforts to thrive in today’s industry. The above are good reasons as to why email marketing tactics are still effective today. Read this article on old email marketing techniques you should avoid to make sure you stay relevant in the digital world. Feel free to contact us and see what we can do for you in terms of building your digital marketing campaigns. 

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