• Professional Services

    We provide computer consulting services for all different types of professionals!

  • Dynamic Web Software

    We build infinitely scalable web sites and web apps for all different needs!

  • Stunning Commercial Solutions

    We are experts in providing commercial cloud solutions for any workflow!

  • Innovative Apps

    We build apps for all different platforms to fit your needs!

Innovative Apps

We create innovative apps to fit every need. Whether you are an entrepreneur with the next big idea, or a large corporation looking to make the move to more streamlined software, we can help.

Tractus is a leader in app development for a range of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. It is our belief that simple, powerful applications written for native performance should be within the grasp of every company, and needn't be a luxury that only few can afford. Our skilled consultants can help you arrange a practical plan of implementation for your current or future workflow.

Dynamic Web Software

Web software has become increasingly powerful over the years, and shows no signs of slowing down. If you like the rapid nature of the web and desire to reach the largest audience possible, it is necessary for you to have a beautifully designed website.

Our web engineers and web designers are capable of building anything from the most sophisticated web applications to the simplest blog. In today's world everyone should have a custom website, and we are here to make that a reality. Contact us today for a bid.

Professional Services

Many people don't truly recognize the potential computers have in improving their lives. Sometimes we get stuck in the same old way of doing things, even if that way is slow and inefficient. Computer Consultants help people to understand how they can optimize workflows and tasks using computers to get the most out of their time.

At Tractus we have the most skilled Computer Consultants, and are here to help you. It is our belief that almost 100% of people's workflows can be optimized, and that we are the ones to show you how.

Stunning Commercial Solutions

The Cloud. This is a buzzword that everyone seems to be throwing around. What is it? The Cloud is the ability to offload the processing and storage of data to a remote server. The beauty of this is seen in the fact that even with the smallest, lightest smartphone it is possible to run computations on huge amounts of data without the need to worry about the device's capability.

The Cloud is an amazing way for companies to alleviate costs of maintaining their own servers by simply sending their tasks to a secure, remote server. At Tractus we have experts ready to help you with your move to The Cloud. If you are trying to decide if this service is right for you, contact us now for an initial consultation.